Radios for the Dodge WC52

When a radio amateur buys a classic car, classic radios have to go into it! The BC191/BC312 and BC652/BC653 were the radios used in those days, so finding those was the next project.

ajnz021.jpg ajnz024.jpg

BC191 transmitter with and without front lid

ajnz030.jpg ajnz031.jpg

Connection diagram in the crate, and an old BC312 receiver

ajnz034.jpg ajnz035.jpg

Inside of a BC191 tuning unit

ajnz039.jpg ajnz042.jpg

Outside of unit, and BC191 with tuning unit removed

ajnz044.jpg ajnz045.jpg

Switches and potmeters behind the power tubes

191tubes.jpg 191tubes2.jpg

Lighting the tubes

ajnz050.jpg ajnz051.jpg

Tuning unit with covers back on

ajnz053.jpg ajnz054.jpg

Many crystals are needed

ajnz180.jpg ajnz184.jpg

We used the Dodge to get a BC653/BC652

ajnz185.jpg ajnz187.jpg

It still looks very good

352inside.jpg 352.jpg

Testing the rig

The BC652 receiver with 14v dynamotor installed, and the 24v one on top.

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